Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Continuing Benchwork Progress

Brother Rick, shown here, is checking measurements and elevations as we continue. One note is that my house is WAY off level - dating back to its construction as a grainery, a 1840's-vintage grain warehouse. Shoveling grains from the street side to the back towards the mill was easier on a slope - and makes for a challenging place to build anything new. We had to set a level line before constructing any railroad at all, and it requires constant checking. Things are coming together by this point, summer 2008. The curves that will lead to the future top level of the layout are in, and the studs in the foreground will support the rest of the railroad towards the 'peninsula' in the middle of the space. At this point, we need to construct the bottom staging level, and then lay all track and switches to make sure they work before covering them with more benchwork that will make working on them very difficult. You can see the staging coming together in this photo. There's that nice new oil tank, too.
Little by little!

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