Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Onondaga Engine Terminal

The work is coming to a head at the Onondaga Locomotive Facility - shops are complete, track is in place awaiting wiring, and most turnouts have ground throws!  While I am planning to add on a shop office to the main shop building and a moderate sand & fuel facility, we are getting close here - finally.

First, a shot of the shop complex itself:
I painted and weathered the structure and added hanging lights and miscellaneous details, but most of it is stock.  It is a complicated, time-consuming kit but very worthwhile when done. 

The shop tracks continue for a full two feet past the structure to a back-shop area.  Tracks in the foreground will be 'Ready' tracks that will also have the fueling and sanding racks on them.  The closest one is not glued in place so as to be adjustable, depending on the exact dimensions of the sanding facility.

Next, here's an overview of the whole engine terminal:
Far left is the MOW storage facility for snow-fighting equipment, MOW cars, and long-term locomotive storage.  Then we have the #1 lead, followed by the shop ladder that takes you to bays #2 and #3.  Ready tracks are to the right in this view, and in the foreground we have the mainline and yard throat at CP 280.

The shop looks pretty awesome at night...methinks there will be lots of lit structures on the railroad eventually:

Finally, a quick image of C36-7 6639, resting in the Park Yard awaiting a completed engine facility.  Once the wiring is in place, it's going to be time to add decoders to a bunch more locomotives to fill up the facility!

Enjoy - plenty coming soon as the weather cools and there is less outside work to do.  Over the course of the winter, we will start 'officially' operating the railroad, and major features will go in place - the backdrop, full lighting, etc.  Stay tuned!