Wednesday, April 28, 2021

A Walking Tour of the Onondaga Cutoff

With recent requests for a video overview of the Onondaga Cutoff, I am excited to present a new YouTube channel and a few videos for your enjoyment!

I recorded a walking tour for viewers and have posted it on YouTube at  

The railroad is always a work in progress, of course, but this is a good snapshot as of Spring of 2021.  Enjoy!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Sweeping Vistas

 Now and again, it's nice to make a few images of the layout and of some of the longer and more sweeping views that are possible with a basement-sized layout and photo backdrops.  Views are even more satisfying when you consider how much time and effort has been spend behind the scenes in the last few months with major construction projects!  Here's a few recent efforts:

Amtrak 276 meeting SEIN at CP 280, Onondaga NY

BRSE at CP 282, Onondaga NY

By combining high F-stops for depth of field with Helicon photo-stacking software, you can really create some memorable images around the layout.  Looking at photos like these takes me back in time to warm days along the tracks on the prototype, waiting to see what the railroad would run past me.  It's a soothing experience to let the mind wander using the layout as the medium!