Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Three-Ring Circus

When things got hectic around our house when I was young, my mother always used to say "We're running a three-ring circus!"   I reflect back on that frequently these days. 

I'm normally someone that stays very busy with and enjoys people.  There's always plenty of projects and dates, but this pandemic, which is turning out to be difficult for the country to get past, has really caused a lot of change.  So many social gatherings and trips, both for the hobby and for the rest of life, are on hold indefinitely.  One of the areas I miss the most are operating sessions, of course. 

Making small layout progress helps and is part of the larger scheme to eventually detail most scenes.

Summer fills with family travel and we have done that much more limited than in past years, but still making great memories.

Waiting for the Neowise Comet 7-17-2020

So, with all that, while the rings may have changed there is still more than enough to stay busy.  I made time to write a book and a few new articles for the model railroad press.  Those continue to take time.  We also pushed on the remote operation and putting some of that over on the Onondaga Cutoff Facebook page (  And, with all that swirling I still have the family at home, and work on the 'real' railroad taking up most of every weekday. 

World's End State Park, PA, 7-2020

Tonight, we will have the first set-up night in months, for another remote op session this coming Saturday.   A little normal is better than none.   Summers are always a time for family and fun and even with the weight of this pandemic and the crushing health and economic issues it is causing, those things remain, if modified by necessity.  I hope your midsummer is healthy and as happy as is possible - hang in!