Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend, I hosted the most recent Operating Session (OS) on the Onondaga Cutoff, and it was a success - a crew of 6 ran approximately 30 through trains, two locals, and the M&E turn over the course of about 4 hours (and several beers).  Jack was a stellar DS, as always, and the crew was great:  Nick, Mark, Al T., and our special guest this week, none other than the Doctor, Mr. Al Werner, many thanks to you all.  Al W. drove several hours down to the OC just for this session.  Thanks, Al!

Conrail train SEBU works the North Runner at the west end of Onondaga Yard while setting out cars on 6/22/12.

With much wiring still to do for the signal system, that work is the next major push for the railroad.  As it requires re-wiring one main track as well as locating junctions for the BD-20 detectors, the railroad is out of service while each pair of blocks is wired up. 

Plenty to come here, as always.  It's a great hobby, isn't it?


Thursday, June 14, 2012


As work progresses on the house projects, I have squeezed some time in for the railroad.  After getting the 6807 set up for service, I have repaired several units that had minor electrical issues, set up a few new cars for service, and also worked to complete a long-time goal of adding sound to one of the B23-7's that calls Onondaga home.  I chose the 1987 to recieve my first-ever installation of a sound decoder.

I chose a Soundtraxx 'Tsunami' decoder, as they are well-recommended, and they also make one specifically for the GE FDL-series prime mover.  On their website, you can hear samples from each decoder, and it's very impressive.  So, I took the plunge, and here is the result.  The 1987 comes down the North Runner to the West End crossover, just as your videographer is surprised by westbound TV-207 meeting eastbound TV-10 right at CP282.  As Ken says - 'Safety First!!'

Turn your speakers on!

Let me know if the video works - it was filmed with an iPhone, and should come up when you click on it.  I am hoping the computer can figure out how to make it come together for you!

That TV-10 train is almost entirely recently-finished cars and UPS trailers, just like the real one was.  CR 6807 leads SD60I 5544 while the 1987 chugs away in the yard.

Sound is adding a whole new dimension to the Onondaga Cutoff!