Monday, December 18, 2023


It's an integral part of train-watching: the waiting that comes before the next train approaches.  Like any hobby 'in the wild' that depends on animals or the activities of others, waiting is part of the game.  Railroading itself is like this-there isn't a railroader alive that doesn't know how to wait.  

Us modelers also deal with 'the wait' that goes into projects.  Glue needs time to cure.  Paint must dry.  A long-awaited model comes to market.  The goal is a working scale railroad.

The 'destination' however is only worth it because the effort put into the journey. Perhaps the crown moment is just as the anticipation peaks.  We are in the holiday season now, a good part of that is preparation, and waiting.  Hobbies and life are tied together.  

 Here's an image of an approaching train, a westbound coming towards Onondaga Yard.  The first trace of dawn is in the sky beyond, and the bright headlights are reflecting off everything they can.  What is coming?

We will have to wait and see.  And that is sometimes the best part.  Join us on Facebook Live the day after Christmas - 12/26 at 8pm eastern!