Friday, September 12, 2014

Trackside on the OC

Even on a busy railroad, there's down time waiting for things to move.  And so we take photos of what we can, of things we find visually interesting.

MP 281 on Conrail's Chicago Line, adjacent to Onondaga Yard, sits in the afternoon sun, marked by a classic New York Central concrete milepost, denoting this spot as 281.0 miles from the end of track at Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

Over at Euclid Yard, cars for M&E's afternoon outbound train to Onondaga sit and wait for a few more switching moves.  Maintenance crews use the route of a former track, now a rough dirt road adjacent to the tracks, for vehicular access to the trains.  

Scenery makes the hobby much more enjoyable, and lets our imaginations wander from 'how should this look?' to a new dimension of 'what is happening here?'  We go from imagining visual images to imagining the entire operation, which is far more interesting!

The next big challenge for making scenery is building trees - stay tuned for how that works out!