Summer Evening and the ML401

Summer Evening and the ML401
Conrail ML401 rolls west through Central New York farm country in Onondaga County, September 1994.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Summer Projects

I have been working to address a few 'finishing touch' detail projects lately on the Onondaga Cutoff.

While not a big-splash sort of endevour like photo backdrops or layout skirting, I find these smaller scene-by-scene detail projects to be very satisfying.  Over the course of a few hours spread across several days, you can really add a lot of interest to a scene, and it will pop in a way that it did not before.

Take for example Niagara Propane.  This is a location at the west end of Onondaga Yard with a spur to a small, local propane distributor.  Being adjacent to railroad property, this would have been separated by a fence, but to date I hadn't taken the time to scratchbuild chain-link fence.

At ProRail 2018, Bernie Kapinski had opened his Port of Los Angeles layout for operations, and on it he used a product he made under the Alkem Models name - etched stainless steel HO scale chain-link fence.  It does a beautiful job of approximating the look and even includes gates.

I installed according to the instructions and left the gates as manually operated - one more thing for the conductor on the yard job to contend with.  Now this scene, one of the first that visitors see, has a nice finished touch to it.   More fence coming soon to the scrapyard on the Cazenovia Industrial!