Monday, August 20, 2012

Slown' Down

The dog days of Summer are here in New Jersey, and our new little addition is growing fast.  The adjustment to fatherhood has been a curveball, at best, and it takes most of my time and energy to stay ahead of the 'usual' household tasks these days.  So, time for the Onondaga Cutoff is very limited.  When I have a few mintues, I am working to complete some small equipment projects.  First, a new B36-7 is coming along, almost ready for paint.  I need to install a few additional radiator intake grills and some miscellaneous details, and we'll be off to the paint booth for some Conrail blue:

Next, an LPG tank car that has been waiting for years to be finished and added to the roster is done, awaiting pick-up by the M&E:

A wise voice has advised that sometimes, it's important to slow down and appreciate the ride itself, even if it's challenging.  And so, I am working on that these days, working to be present for my daughter and my wife, which of course comes at the direct expense of time for anything railroad related, be it 'prototype' or model.  It figures, of course, that this would coincide with the exact time at which NS decided to launch the most amazing heritage program in recent memory.  Norfolk Southern, long known for its black locomotives and aversion to fans, goes and paints 20 brand new 'heritage' engines in long-disappeared paint jobs, and goes further to begin a revival of mainline steam in the east, even on the former PRR mainline.  It's best time in 30 years to be out chasing trains and I am at home, tending to the new responsibility of fatherhood. 

They say it's a blessing when you have to choose between good things.  To me, it's frustrating. When too many good things are going on at once, you're going to miss a lot.  Times like these mean that I just gotta keep pushin'!