Friday, September 16, 2022

Bangin' Around

Major construction is always a mixed word for modelers. It is usually done for the right reasons, and generally can be planned to minimize disruptions with the proper precautions.  We are making the move to split-unit 'ductless' HVAC in the house, which requires extensive electrical preparation in the basement - right over the railroad.  

 I had installed modular scenery here on the wall over the electrical cabinet and once again, that paid off in that when we needed access a few screws were removed and the whole wall of trees lifted off evenly.  But the breaker box is right adjacent to and above the Skaneateles Creek bridge on the M&E.  One slip of the box and the bridge could be crushed.  So, I constructed a special 'sarcophagus' around and through the bridge, designed to take the hit and protect the bridge.  

Also needed anytime construction comes along is dust protection for the layout.  The entire OC was covered in sheet plastic, with signal bridges and other fragile taller items bracketed by paint cans in an effort again to protect them in case of something falling nearby.  For good reason, I might add.

There is just no way around it - messes happen.  Here's a big one, right at CP280, and I am thankful I covered the layout but also horrified at the amount of debris and dust.  Yuck!   So, the last few weeks have been loaded with days and nights prepping and cleaning up like this, which makes for a long few weeks.  

Now that fall is coming there will be more opportunity to get down to the layout and continue progress, but for now it will be of the cleaning sort!

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