Thursday, June 14, 2012


As work progresses on the house projects, I have squeezed some time in for the railroad.  After getting the 6807 set up for service, I have repaired several units that had minor electrical issues, set up a few new cars for service, and also worked to complete a long-time goal of adding sound to one of the B23-7's that calls Onondaga home.  I chose the 1987 to recieve my first-ever installation of a sound decoder.

I chose a Soundtraxx 'Tsunami' decoder, as they are well-recommended, and they also make one specifically for the GE FDL-series prime mover.  On their website, you can hear samples from each decoder, and it's very impressive.  So, I took the plunge, and here is the result.  The 1987 comes down the North Runner to the West End crossover, just as your videographer is surprised by westbound TV-207 meeting eastbound TV-10 right at CP282.  As Ken says - 'Safety First!!'

Turn your speakers on!

Let me know if the video works - it was filmed with an iPhone, and should come up when you click on it.  I am hoping the computer can figure out how to make it come together for you!

That TV-10 train is almost entirely recently-finished cars and UPS trailers, just like the real one was.  CR 6807 leads SD60I 5544 while the 1987 chugs away in the yard.

Sound is adding a whole new dimension to the Onondaga Cutoff!


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