Thursday, May 31, 2012


A critical thing to keep in mind when building a large layout is balance - the fact that the rest of life keeps going, too.  There is much to do around the house besides the model railroad, as all homeowners know very well!

Currently there is a major project underway at our home - finishing the attic, and adding a staircase to allow for better access to the attic space. 
The Future!

Here we see the ceiling of one of upstairs bedrooms as been removed, as has the floor of the attic above.  The big, rough-cut timber stringers and bearing wall are now exposed and will soon support a new staircase.  I've enlisted the help of a contractor for this heavy work. The attic above will have new power and light installed, then a new baseboard heating system, and finally the space will be insulated and then finished with sheet rock and painted.

All this, while the railroad takes small steps of its own.  While I'm thinking of backdrop or finishing a modeling project, it's important to step back sometimes and realize how important everything else is too!  Our hobby is a wonderful escape and helps us re-engage reality.


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