Thursday, September 23, 2010

Slow...But Still, Progress

With some major capital improments on our home - major foundation work on our stand-alone garage, fieldstone wall reconstruction and repointing, and finally pouring a concrete floor in the garage basment, and a structural slab and apron outside - coming to fruition this weekend, time has been cramped for major work sessions on the Onondaga Cutoff, even cramped for sitting down with Photoshop for the next photo update to the blog!

However, when I have 20 mintues or so to spare, I can get in the basement and lay a few feet of yard track, or solder a few feeder cables.  Every little bit counts.  I think that one of the keys with modeling like this is to make the most of whatever time you can get, and to try and do at least one little thing each day.  Currently that is all work in the yard.  I now have the west end, south yard ladder in place, and even installed the Caboose Industries ground throws that came with my box of used track and switches.

Upcoming updates:  a New England 'operating session' with my friend Mark's B&M and Guilford power, an update on modifying old non-DCC friendly switches to DCC, and yard ladder design.

It is amazing that this time last year, I was still laying track in staging, and could not even run a train around the layout.  So, this year has been a year of progress - even though it feels slow sometimes.

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