Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Another Rapido Visit - This Time, the RTL 'Turboliner'

 A long awaited visit is underway, this time for the only preproduction model of Rapido's new RTL 'Turboliner' in HO scale!   

A model long pondered by the guys at Rapido, this one will finally make it to production in 2022.  Given the fact that they ran over this very territory on the prototype, I offered to Rapido that they film a product video on the Onondaga Cutoff in the same vein as the layout visit they made.  However, COVID came in the interim, which delayed things.

In the end Jason and Jordan at Rapido sent me the model in the mail.  The only commercial model of these in the world is now on the Onondaga Cutoff!  Of course that will change with the production run but it's a fun tidbit of information for now.

The video, starring Pete and Teddy and myself, can be seen here:  Enjoy!

It's fun to provide a stage for such a standout model, and it was a hoot to be able to make the video.  Many thanks to Jeremy at Rapido for the editing expertise!

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