Thursday, February 14, 2019

Ghosts: Echos of the Past

Do you believe in ghosts? 

If you're familiar with Conrail, you need to believe at least in 'ghost-ing' as so much of Conrail's fleet was owned by predecessor railroads.  One of the common points of excitement for us as we watched Conrail trains roll past in the 1990's was to watch for cars lettered for the old railroads, or ones painted for Conrail where you could see the "ghost" - signs of the car's former owner.

Lenny Harlos, a prolific and professional weathering master, prepared this car for the Onondaga Cutoff and it has now joined the fleet with resistive wheelsets and 1994-era weathering.  Here's a car delivered new to the Erie Lackawanna, and hastily repainted into Conrail's late 1970's-era boxcar red colors with minimal preparation.  As the brown fades, the old gray starts to come through, and the lettering of the fallen flag with it.  It's a Conrail car on the register - but much more than that to those of us that love history.

Consider a few ghost cars like this on your railroad.  They add interest, and historical context!

Oh, and 'Happy Valentine's Day' to you all.  :-)


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