Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Quick Vote of Confidence for Athearn

It is easy to find fault today in so many parts of our lives.  Maybe that's always been true, but regardless, I find it important to give praise when it is due.

Athearn, one of the older manufacturers of model railroad items, is well represented in my collection of locomotives and freight cars.  Recently, I purchased one of their beautiful models of a GP40-2 decorated for Conrail, and was disappointed to find that the details on the model, while prototypical for 1977, did not match the description, which matched my mid-1990's era.  

This view of 3293, from the Athearn website, is how I thought the 3312 would be detailed, based on its description on the Athearn website.  My 3312 came with different trucks and a different plow, requiring about $25 in parts to correct.  I contacted Athearn and while they would not give me a credit to match the cost of the parts to 'upgrade' the model, they did offer to send me a new freight car of equivalent price that fits my era.

It is a small gesture, yes, but I would argue that this is excellent customer service.  In a world that is quick to judge, I offer this story so that we can all appreciate that there are still companies out there that are here to help!


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