Thursday, July 31, 2014

Some Video of the Latest Operating Session

Just a quick post tonight to share a few impromptu videos from a recent operating session - these capture a slice of the experience we have every month or two when on an evening, 8 to 12 model railroad operators converge on the Onondaga Cutoff and run it like a railroad.

Here, SEBU is finishing a setout and pickup at Onondaga Yard and is shoving back to put their train back together while TV-7, a fast Boston-to-Chicago piggyback train, comes around him on Track 2.

We take it seriously enough to keep things organized, but the point is and will continue to be having fun, while trying hard to capture the experience of mainline railroading using actual schedules, scale models, and Conrail and NORAC operating rules.  Here, train BRSE from Chicago to Selkirk comes east through CP282, passing the signal crews who are out removing the old manual signals in the interlocking.  The train is led by a pair of run-through locomotives borrowed from the AT&SF Railway.

Excuse the poor quality of the videos - I think the sound and sight of the experience is worth sharing!



  1. Hi Dave, I'd like to contact you to talk about your signals and signal bridges. Are they Model Memory models? I'm currently working on an O scale layout featuring a few vignettes of the Mohawk and Syracuse divisions. I'll have to scratch build my signal bridges and signals, as well as all structures. I'll be using NCE and their components for signaling. You have one impressive layout.

    1. Mike, thanks for the note! My signals were built by Integrated Signal Systems in Florida to NYC standard plans. The bridges were made by TrainCat models, who I believe is now out of business, but ISS has procured the designs from TrainCat and will be offering them soon. I'd reach out to ISS directly and let Tim Maslyn, the owner, know you and I were in touch. Good luck! Send along some photos of your progress as it sounds awesome.