Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Coat of Paint

A quick update for you from the workbench - the B36-7 is now painted, awaiting decals.  This unit will become Conrail 5050 in the next few weeks.  It is interesting how much darker Conrail blue appears without the decals. 

To ensure a more uniform coverage, I paint Atlas and Kato shells while they are disassembled.  This model was painted as a cab, body, and frame/sill assembly, and will be reassembled after decaling and dullcoat.  I have found the 'Scalecoat' enamel-based paint system, made by Weaver Models, to be an excellent product.  A few more Conrail units like this one and we will be set for a while, allowing me to work on some more of the rainbow of foreign units that appeared on the Chicago Line in the 1990's.

Hard to believe August is right around the corner!  Enjoy these summer days and evenings, and I'll be working to bring you a few more updates as the Autumn approaches.


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