TV24 at CP 277

TV24 at CP 277
Conrail TV-24 rolls east through rural Central New York in Onondaga County, September 1994.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snowfighting on the Cutoff

Modeling Central New York means that the Onondaga Cutoff needs some snowfighting equipment on the railroad year-round.  Just as Conrail based a host of plows, spreaders, and snowblowers at Dewitt Yard, there would also have been a few plows and such based in Onondaga Yard.

Here, we see an older-model Jordan Spreader and a Russell Plow, both of which are getting a once-over by mechanical forces.  Even though I will likely not model deep snow on the railroad, it is interesting to have the plows displayed, and even to operate them on days when the prototype would.  I have an additional Russell plow kit that has yet to be built, and I also have a beautiful Overland Models modern Jordan Spreader that needs paint and finishing.  All yet to come on the OC.

Further, I have finished block detection now within CP 282, and all that remains is 8 more blocks down the hill to CP294 and 295 - slowly but surely, we're getting there with the signal system!

Happy New Year!


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